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December 12, 2023
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Platen Press Operator
Brief Description

As a Platen Press Operator, you will be responsible for the efficient operation and maintenance of platen presses. Your primary role is to ensure the presses produce high-quality printed materials by monitoring, adjusting, and maintaining the equipment.

Key Responsibilities:
  1. Press Operation:
    1. Set up and operate platen press according to the SOP’s and job specifications.
    2. Adjust press settings, such as speed and pressure to achieve optimal quality.
    3. Monitor press operation to detect any issues and make adjustments as needed.
    4. Ensure the first good output box of the run is checked against the Technical Data Sheet (box dimensions, printing details, printing color matching, die cut, creasing).
    5. Ensure maximization of output at all times.
  2. Quality Control:
    1. Inspect printed materials and non-printed materials as per job specification and technical data sheet for quality.
    2. Make adjustments to the press to correct any deviations from job specifications.
    3. Perform routine maintenance on the press to ensure consistent quality.
  3. Maintenance:
    1. Conduct regular preventive maintenance on platen press to ensure optimal performance.
    2. Troubleshoot and repair mechanical issues promptly to minimize downtime.
    3. Keep a record of maintenance activities and report any significant issues to the supervisor.
    4. Ensure the work area is maintained as per the company’s 5’s policy.
  4. Safety and Compliance:
    1. Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to create a secure working environment.
    2. Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards related to press operation and printing processes.
  5. Collaboration:
    1. Coordinate with other team members, including pre-press operators and finishing professionals, to ensure a smooth production workflow.
    2. Communicate effectively with supervisors and managers regarding job progress and any issues encountered.
Qualifications and skills:
  • Literate in English
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in the same position and industry.
Line of communication:
  • Production supervisor
Working conditions:
  • Normal working hours are from 07:00 to 17:00.
  • Required to work on Saturdays and overtime if and when needed.
  • You are on a probation period of 1 year after which you will be employed by the company should the company be satisfied with your performance.


This job description does not imply that these are the only duties to be performed.  This position implies that you will perform such other tasks as may be required for the effective operation of the Company upon request by your supervisor.

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