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March 5, 2024
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Purchasing Officer
Brief description

A Purchasing Officer plays a crucial role in the procurement and supply chain management of an organization. They are responsible for sourcing, negotiating, and purchasing goods and services required for the company's operations. The primary goal of the Purchasing Officer is to ensure timely and cost-effective procurement while maintaining high-quality standards and building strong relationships with suppliers.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Sourcing and Supplier Management:
    • Identify potential suppliers and evaluate their capabilities, pricing, and quality.
    • Develop and maintain a strong network of suppliers and vendors.
    • Conduct supplier performance assessments and provide feedback for improvement.
  2. Purchase Planning:
    • Collaborate with internal departments to understand their procurement needs and requirements.
    • Create purchase orders and manage the procurement process from requisition to delivery.
    • Monitor stock levels and anticipate demand to avoid stock outs or overstock situations.
    • View reorder levels on a daily basis.
    • Manage requests through the CMMS system.
  3. Negotiation:
    • Negotiate pricing, terms, and delivery schedules with suppliers to secure favourable deals.
    • Seek cost-saving opportunities while maintaining product quality and reliability.
  4. Contract Management:
    • Draft and review contracts and agreements with suppliers, ensuring legal and compliance standards are met.
    • Manage contract renewals, amendments, and terminations as needed.
  5. Market Research:
    • Stay updated on industry trends, market fluctuations, and new product developments.
    • Recommend alternative suppliers, products, or materials that align with cost and quality objectives.
  6. Cost Control:
    • Work closely with the finance department to track procurement expenditures and ensure adherence to budgets.
    • Identify opportunities for cost reduction and process optimization.
  7. Quality Assurance:
    • Collaborate with quality assurance teams to ensure purchased products meet required standards.
    • Handle product returns, replacements, or refunds in cases of defective or non-compliant items.
  8. Documentation and Reporting:
    • Maintain accurate records of purchases, contracts, and supplier interactions through the documented information platform.
    • Generate regular procurement reports for management, highlighting key metrics and trends.
  9. Cross-functional Collaboration:
    • Liaise with various departments such as finance, operations, and inventory management to ensure seamless procurement processes.
    • Coordinate with colleagues to resolve any procurement-related issues.
  10. Ethics and Compliance:
    • Ensure all procurement activities adhere to company policies, ethical standards, regulatory requirements, and lean management principles.
    • Follow the policies and procedures set by DAKRI CARTONS LTD Quality Management System [QMS].
    • Complete all training assigned to you via e learning platforms or any other method of training made available by the company.
Qualifications and Skills
  • Bachelor's degree in business, supply chain management, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in procurement, sourcing, or supply chain roles.
  • Strong negotiation skills and the ability to build and maintain effective relationships with suppliers.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to analyze market trends and data.
  • Familiarity with procurement software and tools.
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills.
  • Problem-solving ability and a proactive approach to challenges.
Lines of communication
  • Purchasing and Finance Manager
  • Store keeper
  • Management
Working conditions
  • Normal working hours are from 07:00 to 17:00.
  • Required to work on Saturdays and overtime if and when needed.
  • You are on a probation period of 1 year after which you will be employed by the company should the company be satisfied with your performance.


This job description does not imply that these are the only duties to be performed.  This position implies that you will perform such other tasks as may be required for the effective operation of the Company upon request by your supervisor.

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